Makanan Khas ISF Gili Trawangan: Sate Ayam 11Jun

Makanan Khas ISF Gili Trawangan: Sate Ayam

Chicken Satay is a typical Indonesian food that has been recognized for its delicacy.


This typical Madurese food has even been named as one of 14 CNN's most delicious dishes in the world "The World's 50 Most Delicious Foods" in 2017.


This is fairly reasonable, considering the good combination of chicken and peanut sauce that will make you addicted to try it. In addition, Chicken Satay is the easiest dish to make and can be found anywhere because the price is relatively cheap.


The popularity of Chicken Satay itself is very high, because of the taste that is already popular and suitable for Indonesian tongues. The chicken satay seasoning is generally made from a mixture of garlic, red, sweet soy sauce, peanuts, and orange leaves.


This seasoning or Sate Madura sauce uses ingredients that are distinctive and still fresh so that they have a sweet, tasty, and savory flavor. Chicken Satay also uses fresh orange water spices to create a nice and fresh peanut sauce.


ISF Chicken Satay Recipe


As one of the archipelago's special dishes, Indonesia Street Food, Gili Trawangan presents special Chicken Satay made by Chef Lucky Andreono. With special international-standard recipes, you will experience Chef Lucky's unique Chicken Satay taste that is unique and different from the others.


Satay ingredients


  •     1 kg of chicken (without bones and skin)
  •     125 ml of sweet soy sauce
  •     2 lemon


Peanut Seasoning Materials


  •     4 cloves garlic
  •     5 red onion cloves
  •     125 ml of sweet soy sauce
  •     2 orange leaves
  •     250 gr of peanuts (fried until cooked)
  •     2 red chilies
  •     500 ml of water
  •     Salt to taste


How to make peanut sauce

  • First, puree the shallots, salt, peanuts, and red chili that you have prepared.
  • Then stir fry briefly, then add soy sauce, orange leaves and water. Cook until cooked to remove the oil and smell a pleasant scent.
  •  If you have, lift and set aside.


How to serve:


  • The first step is to cut the chicken into cubes in accordance with the desired size, then puncture and arrange on a skewer. You can make your own skewers using a skewer machine, so the results can be optimal.
  • After that, coat the chicken satay with sweet soy sauce which has been added with the peanut sauce that was made before until the surface is evenly smeared with the marinade.
  • Then burn the satay until cooked, while continuing to flip and coat the satay with soy sauce, then lift.
  • You can serve this Madura Chicken Satay with peanut spices that are given lime juice and also rice cake or ketupat as a complement.
  • To add savory and delicious taste, you can also add fried onions over the satay you have poured in the peanut sauce, you can also add sliced ??tomatoes and cayenne pepper which are cut into small pieces to add spicy flavor.